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The Kamelia Educational Center is a space where education is put forward.

Services d'Aide à la réussite - À propos
Our pedagogic team is composed by competent and experienced instructors. We teach the majority of subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, science, French, English, etc.) which generally are considered as challenges for young people.

For many years, our services helped hundreds of children and young adults to realize their dreams and to improve their school grades, succeeding on their exams or be accepted at the university Of their choice.

Our model is proven and adaptable. It offers enough flexibility for instructors to answer to special student’s needs while monitoring the performance of their group. Our instructors are accredited by the Ministry of Education. They are mostly devoted to the job they have chosen. They are constantly working to make every child a fulfilled citizen.

What distinguishes us is our ability to be present for parents , a special  service of be to be. Our only pride, your complete satisfaction!

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